July 17, 2013

July 17, 2013 Day 56  St. Lawrence River
Trois Rivieres Marina
Trois Rivieres, Quebec, Canada

When we saw clouds at 7:00 this morning we quickly checked the weather forecast.  With a squall watch on the horizon we left our anchorage in thirty minutes!  We had a nice ride on the St. Lawrence River and for much of the trip we were on the wide lake part, called Lac St. Pierre.  We beat the storm by arriving in Trois Rivieres at 10:45. It was windy but we were happy to be secure!   We have laundry, boat chores, and many things that require wifi, so we will stay here two days.
There are many of these structures in the river
that are used as ice breakers!
We were also happy to know that our friends, Ron and Lisa on Outbound are here.  We met them last year in Canada and we will do the Down East Loop with them.  They will go to Quebec City a day before us and we will meet them there on Friday. We will all leave on Tuesday to continue the journey!
We had lunch at the little grille here at the marina. Dinner was onboard during a big thunderstorm.  So far we are lucky to find that most of the people speak English although French is their native language.  We are also trying to keep track of meters, liters, and centigrade!  26 degrees Centigrade is not cold!

The calm after the storm
We have the blog mostly posted but we are working on photos – the internet connection is slow, but at least we have it!