July 18, 2013

July 18, 2013 Day 57  St. Lawrence River
Trois Rivieres Marina
Trois Rivieres, Quebec, Canada

Just a very brief posting today - this was a day to stay in port and get more chores done. The marina is not within walking distance to any shopping.  We did a variety of things including mending lines, cleaning, organizing, arranging for the next mail delivery, and laundry. 

We see all kinds of boats -
this one was just leaving the marina for an outing!
As of dinner time, we have had a change of plans.  We were going to go to Quebec City tomorrow but are not excited about the weather forecast for high winds, rain, etc. so we will stay here another day.
Depth perception is important here - this container ship went past
just outside the breakwater at the marina - and we are just inside it!

We will try again on Saturday!