July 20, 2013

July 20, 2013 Day 59  St. Lawrence River
Port of Quebec Marina
Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

Getting to Quebec City is a calculation of time, tide, and speed.  We left at 6:00 this morning to arrive in Quebec City one hour after low tide (1:30 pm).  To enter the Port of Quebec Marina, you have to go through a lock because there is a 15 foot tide outside the basin.  Once we were inside the marina, we are fine – no tide!  But timing is everything.  We had a good trip and we had the current with us for much of the way, flying along at 11 mph!

We had not expected to see an eagle sitting on a boulder
in the middle of the St. Lawrence River!
The lock itself has floating docks on both sides, which is really convenient.  However, there are no lock attendants to help you tie up! We were fortunate the people in front of us were on a sailboat and caught our lines in the lock. 

Ron and Lisa on Outbound were waiting for us when we arrived at the marina.  We will travel with them through the remainder of the Down East Loop.

Le Marche'
This afternoon we walked to a nearby farmers’ market, a marche’, which is all indoors and is open daily.  They sold everything from fresh meat, cheese, pastries, fruit, vegetables, wine, bread, jams, etc. We bought a baguette to accompany our pasta dinner, and tomato for salad, and a bag of mini beignets!  It started to rain before we got back so we did not venture out again today. Of course the evening was bright and sunny but we were tired from our early morning and just relaxed after dinner.  There was a free performance by Cirque de Soleil and we were too tired to go to it!

We picked up several brochures full of sightseeing information, so tomorrow we will venture out and see as much as we can and take one of the guided tours.  Lisa assures us we are going to love it here!