July 21, 2013

July 21, 2013 Day 60  St. Lawrence River
Port of Quebec Marina
Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

We did not eat here but what a cute name!
Lisa was right – we do love this city!  The architecture, the cafes and restaurants with outdoor seating, shops with flower boxes in the windows, cobblestone streets, the hills, monuments, parks, narrow winding streets filled with shops and restaurants, the view of the water – all of it is quaint, charming and very European.  

One of many quaint streets

This morning we were asked by the marina staff to move our boat to a larger slip, so we relocated!  We should have been put in a longer slip to begin with, but at least they came and helped us and it all worked out for the best. Then Bill had to finish some boat projects, so Joyce decided to take on the grocery provisioning herself.  This meant calling a taxi but it was worth it to get food back on the boat!  We were running out of things!  Besides, she loved being greeted twice in the store, “Bonjour, madame”!

More of this street!
After lunch we set out on foot to tour the lower and upper city.  This took us up the hill to the Chateau Frontenac, the beautiful hotel that commands the view from many points. We walked along the narrow and very popular “Rue de Petit Champlain”, with its many boutiques, cafes, and restaurants.  We enjoyed the ambiance of this beautiful city. We climbed and descended many hilly streets!
A view of the Hotel Frontenac

A beautiful view from top of the hill
Back down the cobblestone strret
Carried Away docked at the Port of Quebec Marina
We had dinner at an outdoor café and then walked back to the marina. We stopped and chatted with Ron and Lisa and made plans to depart late tomorrow afternoon. We will leave the marina and then spend the night on a wall on the other side of the lock. This will enable us to leave very early Tuesday morning.  But, first we will take a tour by bus tomorrow morning and see more of Quebec City!