July 22, 2013

July 22, 2013 Day 61  St. Lawrence River
Port of Quebec Marina
Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

I hope to post this early tonight while we still have wifi.  We are moving out of our slip at the marina and go through the lock. Then we will tie up to the wall on the other side.  We need to depart at 5am tomorrow so we have to be on the “other side”!

We have had a full day in Quebec City again. We took the “hop-on/hop-off” bus tour and also walked much of the way up more hills!  We went to the Citadel, Parliament, past many churches, more historic streets with shops and restaurants, back to the Frontenac, etc.  We are impressed with the cleanliness, the feeling of safety, and the beauty of this town. We enjoyed all the street entertainment as well. We do not recall seeing a single policeman!  Although Joyce used a taxi yesterday, they are not “hovering around”.  We have also found this to be a very friendly city and although we do not speak  French, many of the local people do, and that has been very helpful.

Quebec City celebrated its 400th anniversary in 2008 - just a year younger than our Jamestown, VA! The meaning of Quebec is "where the river narrows" and the St. Lawrence does get narrow here!

When we got off the bus, we stopped at the market (le marche’) one more time and came back with wine, fresh vegetables, and a blueberry-raspberry pie!  We decided to have dinner on board and then have Ron and Lisa over to share dessert. 

We will get pictures posted soon!