July 28, 2013

July 28, 2013 Day 67  St. Lawrence River
Rimouski Marina
Rimouski, Quebec, Canada

Today was a stay in port day. We have to wait for our mail and we would not have ventured out today in this wind anyway.  Our friends on Esmeralda arrived this afternoon and had a very rough ride on the St Lawrence.

We walked to the shopping center with Lisa and Ron and did grocery shopping and also picked up oil for the boat.  We had so much we had to take a taxi back to the marina.  As we head further east there will be fewer places to provision, so we take advantage of the ones we have.
This is the same fin whale we saw on July 27 -
Lisa on Outbound, our boating buddies took this photo
Same fin whale breaching. Thanks to Lisa for the picture!
We had a light dinner on board, did some reading and we are still going through our pictures!  We plan to spend tomorrow here in Rimouski also. This is a very friendly marina and it is a good stop on our trip.