July 27, 2013

July 27, 2013 Day 66  St. Lawrence River
Rimouski Marina
Rimouski, Quebec, Canada

We got a late start to our morning by sleeping until 7:30!  We made our way over to the marina for their breakfast special by 9:00.  By this time we had already decided that we would stay here another day. However, as we were leaving the restaurant, Ron and Lisa arrived.  Ron and Bill checked out the weather forecast one more time, and all of a sudden plans for the day changed! We were leaving!  Lisa and Joyce just looked at each other and cancelled their ideas for the day! Within 20 minutes we were underway and headed east into the St. Lawrence River in the fog. We took the lead since we have AIS and could identify the tour boats, etc.  We had over 50 miles to travel today.

Whale jumping!  We think this is a fin back, the 2nd largest animal.
He makes quite a splash!
We spotted several beluga whales immediately. They are really beautiful and are frequently seen in the St. Lawrence River.  The fog lifted about 1½ hours later and we enjoyed the sunny day.  We spotted four whale watching boats and headed toward them. We saw a whale spouting water and splashing and think it is a long finned pilot whale.  Later while we were underway, we spotted a larger whale splashing and diving and think it is a finback whale. We are studying our photos and comparing them to fact sheets.
One of many belugas
We continued on our way and saw more belugas! The sea was fairly calm although we had 3’ rollers for a while. We arrived at the town of Rimouski and docked at the marina about 6:20 pm. Rimouski is a larger town (45,000) and we will provision tomorrow. We are waiting on our mail to arrive and may have to stay here until at least Monday.  Bill also has repairs to work on tomorrow. Our inverter is not working.  When we plugged in yesterday we had a reverse polarity and it may have been the culprit.  What next?

We will post photos tomorrow!