July 27, 2013

July 26, 2013 Day 65  Junction of the Saguenay & St. Lawrence Rivers
Tadoussac Marina
Tadoussac, Quebec, Canada

We left our anchorage at Anse St. Jean at 8:15 this morning and went back down the Saguenay River to the lovely little town of Tadoussac. We saw a few more beluga whales along the way. We arrived at the marina around 10:45 and had to anchor until a slip became available.  Outbound rafted to us. The boats in the marina generally leave when the tide is right – about an hour after low tide. We finally docked at 1:45 and were happy to get in. The wind started picking up in the late afternoon and all boats were rocking.

Hotel Tadoussac
One of the oldest churches in Canada
Bill is getting ideas!
We took a walk around the small town of Tadoussac with Lisa and stopped in several of the shops. We also stopped at the Whale Watching Interpretation Center but decided to tour it tomorrow.  Tadoussac is a whale watching destination and there are many people here joining the boat tours on the St. Lawrence River.

We had dinner with Ron and Lisa at the marina’s restaurant. We enjoyed the fish and chips and the great view of the harbor.  We will probably stay here for the weekend if the weather forecast is right for high winds. 

Carried Away at the Saguenay Marina