July 6, 2013

July 6, 2013 Day 45  The Hudson River
Fort Edward Town Wall
Fort Edward, NY

We are making progress!  We left Mechanicville at 8:05 with Journey, Irish Attitude, Harmony, and a sailboat and entered Lock 3. We then cleared the railroad bridge that is one of two low bridges on the canal.  Bill wisely took down more equipment because we only cleared this bridge by 3” last year.  With higher water levels we would not have made it this year.

Harmony clears the RR bridge!
We continued on and went through three more locks, and had as many as seven boats in the lock at any one time.  We saw the Saratoga Battlefield, the Saratoga Monument, small homes that lined the water, and many trees. Much of the area is rural.  We also passed many boats that were dredging as we got closer to Fort Edward.  Although this can cause delays, we were able to maneuver past them with no problem.
One of many dredging barges on the Canal

Our little boat parade with a beautiful backdrop
We arrived at Fort Edward, NY just before 2:00 and tied up to the free town wall that includes power and electric hook ups for 8 boats.  We relaxed in the park that has a gazebo and many picnic tables with shade trees.  A convenient spot for our 5:00 docktails also!
Our own paark setting in Fort Edward just a few steps
from our boat!

While we were sitting there, a camera crew arrived.  A gentleman approached and introduced himself as the New York Canal Navigation Program Manager and said that they were making a promotional film for the canals.  He heard Bill playing the banjo and wanted to include him in the video.  Bill agreed to do it!  We never know who we will meet!

After we each had dinner on board our own boats, we walked about a half mile to get ice cream.  The amaretto almond chocolate was a hit!  We walked back and talked briefly to another Looper who had arrived late.  The mosquitoes started to come out, so we all said good night and agreed to leave at 8:00 tomorrow to go to Whitehall.  We still have to get under one very low bridge and there is a 50% chance of rain.  So, although we like it here, we have decided to keep moving.