July 7, 2013

July 7, 2013 Day 46  Champlain Canal
Whitehall Town Wall
Whitehall, NY

We were underway at 8:00 this morning in the rain and immediately went to Lock 7.   When we exited the lock we were no longer on the Hudson River! After 30 days on the Hudson River we are happy to be making some progress.  We also passed Fred’s Tug 44 after the lock. Fred is an excellent resource on the canals and lives in Fort Edward. 
Tug 44

We had four locks to transit today – two up and two down!  Fortunately the rain stopped before we reached the second lock, because we are still driving without the top on our boat! 
The Champlain Canal is narrow and winds around
The view is beautiful along the canal
Skene Manor built in 1874 in Whitehall
sits high across the river from our dock

We arrived at Whitehall at 12:20 and tied up to the town wall – we like these free walls!  This one has fewer hookups so Irish Attitude and Harmony rafted together.  There is a small park next to it with a gazebo so we were able to have a shady spot to visit.
We did get some chores done –Joyce did laundry and Bill changed the oil in the starboard engine. 

During our docktails, we all decided to go to Westport, NY tomorrow to a marina.  We have a six hour cruise so we will leave at 7:00. We still have one lock to get through!  We had dinner on board and then watched another classic "Oklahoma!"