August 22, 2013

August 22, 2013 Day 92  Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia, Canada

We spent the morning at the fascinating Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, with nearly 26,000 marine artifacts including a ship chandlery, exhibits on the ship explosion in Halifax in 1917, exhibits of the Titanic, small craft models, age of steam, shipwreck treasures, and the CSS Acadia, berthed next to us.  After lunch we walked down to one end of the boardwalk to Pier 21 where the cruise ship Carnival Glory docked this morning.  We stopped to see Ron and Lisa on the way back and then walked to the other end of the boardwalk, with many pubs, shops, more tour boats, etc.  The waterfront is busy with boats constantly coming and going, and hundreds of people enjoying the activities. 

The Carnival Glory departing Halifax
 with Outbound in the foreground

Maritime Museum

Boardwalk at Bishop's Landing

Ron, Allan, Geraldine, Richard,
Bill, Joyce, Shannon, Lisa at the Bicycle Thief
At 5:00 we met friends on Outbound, Stray Cat, and Esmeralda for dinner at the Bicycle Thief, and had great Italian food.  The restaurant is located on the waterfront and we were able to see the cruise ship depart.  We walked back to our boat and found the Bowdoin, a 1921 schooner that we saw in Maine in 1971! We were stunned to see it here and learned it is a training vessel that will return to Maine tomorrow.
The Bowdoin

We will do more sightseeing tomorrow and will have to do a major provisioning of the boat since there is a large grocery store here.  We will not have another one for some time.  We may also take a ferry boat across the river to Dartmouth.  Stay tuned!