August 21, 2013

August 21, 2013 Day 91  Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia, Canada

Our plan to leave at 6:30 this morning was slightly delayed by heavy fog, but we did venture out anyway at 7:00 with Outbound and Esmeralda.  We were only ¼ mile apart but could not see them most of the time. The fog lifted at 7:45 and then returned 30 minutes later for another 45 minutes!  With radar, it isn’t a problem – we just have to get used to it! The seas were fairly good today. We will take less than one meter any time. 

We could see the city of Halifax on the horizon long before we reached it. Halifax, founded in 1749, is the capitol of Nova Scotia with a population of around 400,000.  The restored waterfront is very inviting and active with many small wharves for docking. A boardwalk with restaurants, shops, tour boats, Maritime Museum, visitors’ center, markets, etc. connects all the docking facilities.  We have loved the small fishing villages but it is fun to be here in this thriving city too!

We arrived in Halifax at 1:15 and went with Outbound to Bishop’s Landing.  We were temporarily put in a space reserved for another boat arriving later. After Bill washed the boat, we decided to move to the Museum Wharf to have better electrical hook ups, and more protection from the wind. We are right in front of the Mariner’s Museum, which we will tour tomorrow.

Since we had not eaten lunch, we had an early dinner of fish and chips on the boardwalk and sat on a park bench to enjoy the meal.  Next we walked to the Visitors Center to gather information on what to see in Haifax and other stops we will make as we head south.  Black Bear Ice Cream was the next stop before returning to the boat.  We saw Ralph and Cheryl (on Cheryl Ann) and talked to them for a while.  Ron and Lisa also stopped by and may move their boat here tomorrow.

Tomorrow we will do some sightseeing in Halifax!