August 21, 2013

August 20, 2013 Day 90  Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia
At anchor, Shoal Bay
Nova Scotia, Canada

Change of plans!  Team decision was to make a run for it so by 10:20 we pulled away from our friendly dock at the Liscombe Lodge and headed back into the river.  Seven miles later and we were in the ocean.  The waves were probably 4 ft. rollers/swells today – not the best or worst we have seen, but tolerable.

We arrived at our anchorage in Shoal Bay off the ocean around 5:00 and are anchored near Esmeralda and Outbound.  The bay hosts many uninhabited islands so we have a nice view here with rolling hills and evergreen trees on the rocky shore. We were happy to see a bald eagle poised in one of the taller trees nearby.  They are so majestic and we never tire of them.

Once again, we cooked dinner on the grill. Phone calls with family and catching up on reading completed our night’s agenda. 

We are about 50 miles from Halifax and hope to get there tomorrow by noon. The wind is supposed to be strong in the afternoon and we want to be secured at a dock by then.  Strong wind means big waves.  We will depart by 6:30 in the morning.