August 24, 2013

August 24, 2013 Day 94  South Shore of Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia, Canada

What a lovely day we have had!  We left Halifax at 7:00 and traveled 47 miles to Lunenburg, arriving at 1:15.  We had a beautiful day on the ocean – sunny and calm. It could not have been any better. This part of Nova Scotia is the South Shore - also called the Bluenose Coast.

Greeted by the colorful wharf buildings
More dock in Lunenburg
We arrived at Zwicker Dock and had to dock ourselves.  Bill made it easy by getting very close to the dock so Joyce could just lasso a cleat and get us secure.

Yellow house - late 1880's.
Many of the  homes have ornate trim.
We loved Lunenburg immediately. It is colorful, quaint, inviting, historic, and is full of restaurants, shops, inns, museums, working docks, homes dating back to the 1800’s.  There are homes and shops of all colors – purple, yellow, blue, pink.  The town is very hilly and we walked along many of the residential and commercial streets.  Many of the shops built in the 1800’s have been converted into homes and have placards indicating the original use and date built.
Purple house - 1800's. This one is for sale!

Carriage passing in front of Grand Banker,
one of many restaurants
Love the steeple and weather vane
on this church!
The Dory Shop with a
typical dory in front of it
We came back to the boat and cooked dinner on the grill, then took one more walk.  We met with Lisa and Ron and will leave here sometime tomorrow – but first we want to tour a Fisheries Museum!  There are Dory races (Canada vs US) this weekend and we hope to see these Sunday morning as well.