August 25, 2013

August 25, 2013 Day 95  South Shore of Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia, Canada

Another change of plans!  We are now going to stay in Lunenburg a few days. After looking at the weather forecast we have wind and rain coming in tomorrow so it was a decision of where we want to spend our time. And Lunenburg won out over an anchorage. 

Early morning reflections
Joyce exiting the pilot house of the Theresa E.Connor
Ron and Lisa
A view of the harbor from a main street.. Note the golf course
 on the other side of the harbor!
We arrived at the Fisheries Museum when it opened at 9:30 and were there until after 1:00. It is an amazing museum that depicts the fishing industry and shipbuilding industry here in Lunenburg. The museum itself is located in a former fish processing plant. From ship models, to the aquarium, exhibits of the 500 years of the Grand Banks fishery off the East Coast of Canada, to the famous schooner, Bluenose, to many hands on activities such as knot tying, net mending, mat hooking etc., there is so much to see – and that is just inside the building. On the docks are two boats built here – the Cape Sable, a side fishing trawler built in 1962, and the Theresa E. Connor, the last dory schooner to fish from Lunenburg. We spent quite a bit of time touring and inspecting these vessels!

Another inn - same architecture
as many homes with the prominent "Lunenburg Bump"
We finally tore ourselves away and returned to our boat for lunch. Then Joyce put a roast in the crockpot for dinner and ventured back out to browse through more of the shops.

After dinner, we took another walk and relaxed for the evening.