August 31, 2013

August 30, 2013 Day 100  Lower Bay of Fundy
Killam Brothers Marina
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

Carried  Away cutting through the waves in the Atlantic
Just a short post ….Day 100! What a day we had on the Atlantic Ocean. We traveled from Shelburne to Yarmouth in a variety of “seas” - fairly calm until we reached Cape Sable Island then not so calm. We had wind against tide and were taking waves it seemed from all sides.  But, nine hours later we were tied up at the dock here in Yarmouth, tired but safe.  The first thing we did was wash the boat down to get the salt spray off.
Two fishing boats

One of many lighthouses we passed today
We went to dinner at Rudders, a nice seafood restaurant a block from the marina, with Outbound and Esmeralda.  They both want to leave tomorrow but we are unsure of our plans. We had hoped to spend a little more time here but the weather window is not great. We will decide in the morning. (If we leave we may not have wifi)