August 7, 2013

August 7, 2013 Day 77   Northumberland Strait
Silver Fox Yacht and Curling Club
Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada

We are happy we waited an extra day because we had a perfect travel day under a sunny sky and calm water for our 70 mile trip!  We left at 6:30 and entered the Northumberland Strait.  We could still see New Brunswick on our starboard side all the way here. We are now in our third province, Prince Edward Island, and will stay here in Summerside at least two days. There is so much to do here and we are bogged down with brochures trying to make decisions!  There are many music performances, museums, lighthouses, beaches, etc., to try and see.
Richard on guitar
A welcoming entrance to our harbor

Shannon and Richard on Esmeralda were here when we arrived with Outbound at 3:30. We all went out to dinner at a restaurant in Spinnaker’s Landing, a recreated fishing village with unique shops and restaurants.  (Lisa and Joyce checked out the shops shortly after our arrival!). Richard came back to our boat with his guitar, so he and Bill could do some jammin’!  They had fun playing old time music.

Tomorrow we will pack in as many activities as possible to see Summerside, PEI!