August 8, 2013

August 8, 2013 Day 78   Northumberland Strait
Silver Fox Yacht and Curling Club
Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada

After talking with Ron and Lisa, we have decided to spend extra days here in Summerside and rent a car this weekend and tour more of PEI as well as Charlottetown (instead of going there by boat).  (We have strong winds forecast for tomorrow, so we will stay put. Besides, there is so much to do around here!)

Nice architecture!
This tree seems to  be carved where it stands - there are other military items in this park as well.
We spent the day touring Summerside on foot.  We walked down to the College of Piping and picked up tickets for tonight’s performance of Highland Storm, which includes bagpipes, snare drums, vocals, step dancing, and highland dancing.  Then we walked back to the downtown area and some residential areas, with parks and bed and breakfasts tucked in among other homes, museums, etc.  As we approached the water, we stopped at a fish market and were told the lobster season begins here tomorrow as in New Brunswick.  The market is currently getting their lobsters sent in from Nova Scotia.  Next stop: ice cream!  After three hours of walking, we returned to Carried Away and rested.  We had dinner on

Spinnakers Landing is a development of shops and restaurants
made to look like fishing huts. Very quaint!
board and then took a taxi back to the performance. We were not disappointed!  The talented performers were entertaining and energetic, and we enjoyed the evening very much!  We decided to walk back to the marina.
One of the pipers welcoming us to the performance

On the way back to the boat, we saw Joe (Firebird) who arrived this afternoon.  We will catch up with Outbound and Esmeralda tomorrow to plan more sightseeing on Prince Edward Island.