August 9, 2013

August 9, 2013 Day 79   Northumberland Strait
Silver Fox Yacht and Curling Club
Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Anne of Green Gables Museum (Silver Bush)
This is our third day here in Summerside on Prince Edward Island.  This morning we toured the Green Gables Shore region of the island with Shannon, Richard, and Joe.  This area has lush rolling hills of farmland with potatoes being a primary crop. The red soil is perfect for the potatoes.  The coastline has beaches and is dotted with inlets where lobster boats and other fishing boats are plentiful.  Of course, this area was home to the Anne of Green Gables author, Lucy M. Montgomery and was the setting for her novels. We toured her aunt and uncle’s home that she lived in at times, and which is now a museum.  It is located in New Glasgow.  We stopped at the Preserve Company with the intention of having lunch there – but a tour bus pulled up in front of us and we could not wait that long to be seated.  We did shop in their store and between the five of us, we bought plenty of tea,  preserves, and peach salsa.   From there we went to the town of North Rustico and had lunch at a seafood restaurant on the water.  After lunch we toured a fisheries museum which featured the lobster industry in this area.

Prince Edward Island is the smallest of the Canadian Provinces and is a popular tourist destination.  English is the first language here, but the island is designated as bilingual with many signs and publications in French.  The island has an Irish, Scottish, and Acadian heritage. We are happy Richard was able to rent a car because there is not another one to be found on the island the rest of the month!
Lovely view of the coastline and the rolling fields
The Fisheries Museum in North Rustico

When we returned, Joyce went to the grocery store with Ron and Lisa, then came back and fixed a quick dinner on board.  We did see that our New Zealand Friends on Astral Sky arrived today while we were out sightseeing.

Tomorrow we will go to the farmers’ market here, and then go with "the crew" by car to Charlottetown, the capital of PEI.  It is the birthplace of Canada which became a confederation in 1867. We hope to see many things!