September 11, 2013

September 11, 2013 Day 112  Mt. Desert Island
Mooring Ball in Somes Harbor
Mt. Desert Island, Maine

We woke to fog and although we could see the other boats on the mooring balls around us we could not see far into the harbor.  By afternoon, the sun was shining!

Bill spent time this morning charting our course for the next couple of weeks.  Joyce continued reading and relaxing.

We were excited to see three harbor seals perched and playing on a large rock within viewing distance. These are the first harbor seals we have seen – prior to this we have only seen gray seals.  The rock was invisible at high tide, so we are glad we found them in time.  Later we had unwelcome seagulls that landed on top of our boat screeching so loud they sounded like angry cats. Bill had to pound on the roof of the flybridge to get them off!

Three harbor seals
After three stationary days we are ready to move on and get off the boat. We plan to go back to Southwest Harbor to the marina for one night – we need fuel and we will pick up the old inverter. After having the problem diagnosed, we decided to get a new one but can get it cheaper when we get to CT.  We are concerned about the forecast tomorrow of storms so we can hopefully time our trip to avoid them. Fortunately we have a very short distance to go.