September 25, 2013

September 25, 2013  Day 126  
Rockport Harbor
Rockport, Massachusetts

This has been a full day. We left our mooring ball at Portsmouth Yacht Center about 7:30 and drove further up the Piscatagua River to see more of the harbor area. We passed the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard which had a submarine docked behind its protective walls.   We also saw Ron and Lisa’s boat, Outbound, docked at a marina. They are staying for several days.  We turned around to avoid waiting or a bridge and headed back out to sea.
Portsmouth Naval Shipyard

We saw water over 300 feet deep but no whales!
We went over 25 miles offshore to an area called Jeffery’s Ledge, hoping to see whales, since this is where they are often seen.  Often, but not today.  We were disappointed, but had a nice ride, although we had three foot waves the last two hours. We set our course to head back to shore – this time to Rockport, MA, and arrived in tpicturesque harbor about 2:45.

Rockport is a wonderful, quaint community on the water and is known for its artists.  There are many galleries, boutiques, shops, and restaurants on small winding streets.  Many residences are housed over the shops below.  We are docked next to the red fishing shack, also known as Motif #1.  Built in 1884, it was destroyed in the 1978 blizzard and was faithfully rebuilt by the town.  It is described as “the ultimate artist’s subject” and has been painted by artists since it was built. We are happy to be docked next to this special structure!  We are on pilings, not a floating dock, and with a ten foot tide we have to watch the lines.   

Rockport Harbor - we are on the other side
 of the red fishing shack

Carried Away at the dock

First Congregrational Church

Loved the flowers in this courtyard!
We knew we needed to stay longer than one night here, so we made arrangements to leave Friday morning.  We went to a seafood restaurant for dinner and then walked around some of the streets. Tomorrow we will go back when the shops are open.  We were here by car in 1971, and Joyce was here with a college friend in 1967; it is nice to be back after so many years.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      We will post more pictures tomorrow.