September 5, 2013

September 4, 2013 Day 105  Bay of Fundy
North Head, Flagg Cove, Grand Manan Island
New Brunswick, Canada

Carried Away in the fog heading to Grand Manan Island
Today’s trip on the Bay of Fundy ranged from rain, to fog, to five foot swells, to tide “rips”, to calmer water, to sunshine – all in five hours!  We were in water as deep as 700 feet!

We are on a mooring ball in the harbor
in Flagg Cove
Esmeralda “unrafted” from us and then we unrafted from the whale watching boat in Westport and then we were off just after 7:00.  Shortly after the fog lifted, we arrived at the beautiful setting of North Head on Grand Manan Island (which is in New Brunswick) at noon and at first tied to a fishing wharf wall. The local fishermen helped us secure our lines temporarily and then advised us of the 20 foot tide. Since there is no protection on the outside wall and the inside wall was full, we decided to pick up a mooring ball in Flagg Cove instead as Outbound had just done.  Good choice!  Esmeralda and Stray Cat picked up a mooring ball near us also.

We had lunch on board then everyone piled in two dinghies to get to shore.  We walked past the docks and headed toward the Swallowtail Lighthouse, stopping several times to admire the incredible view.  We also stopped at a gift shop with items made by local artists. We reached the lighthouse by following the well-worn trail and were rewarded with stunning views of the island and the Bay of Fundy. 

Enjoying our walk through town
on the way to the lighthouse

Quite a view on our way to the lighthouse!


Bill at the lighthouse
We eventually came back down the trail and walked back to the docks amazed at the difference in the tide change!  We dinghied back to our boats, grateful for a sunny day where we could walk to a lighthouse!
Which way??
We grilled chicken for dinner and had more fresh vegetables from the farmers market.  We watched a movie and then stood on the bow of the boat to look at a sky we have not seen in a long time – the stars were all shining brightly.  Bill loves it when he can see the Milky Way!  What a wonderful way to end our last night in Canada!  We have been here for eight weeks, having arrived on July 12!

We will leave Canada late tomorrow morning (again with the tide) and head to Rogue Island, Maine.  We will anchor there Thursday night and then go to Bar Harbor and clear customs on Friday – continuing our Down East Loop!