September 5, 2013

September 3, 2013 Day 104  Bay of Fundy
Westport Harbour
Westport, Brier Island, Nova Scotia, Canada

We did not leave this morning but by noon we did decide the tide and current would be good to leave at 3pm.  We said good bye to Somewhere, Miss Darlin, and Kiwi II.  We cut our initial trip in half by just going 33 miles to Westport on Brier Island.  We traveled in heavy fog the entire way but only had three foot swells which were tolerable.

We are rafted to this whale watching boat - and they are rafted to ...
and they are rafted to...
When we arrived we had a heavy current pushing us and the water was swirling around us.  There is a town dock here next to the ferry dock that is in protected water. We had to raft up to a whale watching boat which was rafted five deep to the dock!  Then Esmeralda came and rafted to us.  Outbound and Stray Cat rafted to an old defunct ferry boat nearby.   This is certainly local color!  We, of course, have no power or water connections, but it is free and we are safe here.

Tomorrow we will continue on to Grand Manan Island, another 34 miles. It is our last stop in Canada!  We hope to see more puffins, which is where their nesting grounds are, and we hope to see more whales on the way.  The Bay of Fundy is known for whales!