September 2, 2013

September 2, 2013 Day 103  Lower Bay of Fundy
Killam Brothers Marina
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

Change of plans…we were planning to leave but at the last minute the three crews made a group decision to stay. So this is day four in Yarmouth. Unlike the US, the stores are closed here on Labor Day- so no shopping. (Even Walmart and the large grocery stores are closed. Not that we needed anything else!)

Frost Park in Yarmouth - beautiful setting!
 The mock up of the coastal freighter in the museum
We did go out to lunch (back to Rudders) for a fish burger (haddock) and bar clams.  Then we walked down to the Sweeney Fisheries Museum and enjoyed seeing the scaled down simulation of a fishing wharf including a mock-up of a coastal freighter.  It was very well done and 90% of the displays and exhibits were original to the Sweeney Fisheries buildings, having been reassembled to create a scaled down reproduction of the working waterfront of Yarmouth’s past.

Late this afternoon three Gold Looper boats pulled in: Somewhere, Kiwi II, and Miss Darlin. We had not seen Kiwi II and Miss Darlin since we were in Kingston, NY in July!  Then after dinner, Stray Kat arrived!  We left them in Halifax several days ago.

Bill and Richard got together for another jam session on their guitar and banjo!  We had dinner on board - pork tenderloin and the best corn on the cob we have ever had.  (Love that Farmer’s Market here!) We will stay flexible to depart tomorrow and check the weather updates early in the morning.  We are not going to find a perfect day and will have to deal with 3-5’ seas.