September 7, 2013

September 6, 2013 Day 107 The Coast of Maine!
Dysarts Marina
Southwest Harbor, Maine

Lobster boat, Ciara Mist, tending the pots
We left our lovely anchorage at 7:00 this morning and headed out into a calm Atlantic Ocean under a sunny sky.  What a nice ride today!  We followed the coastline about three miles off shore. By 8:20 Cadillac Mountain came into view. Our biggest challenge of this 6 hour trip was to avoid the lobster pots.  At first they weren’t too close together but as we got closer to our destination, the lobster pots multiplied! It was like going through a mine field and took every bit of our attention.  We saw many lobstermen in their boats tending the pots as well. Add to that the tour boats, ferry boats, sail boats, and it seemed the place to be.

Bill finally wove us through the pots and got us safely to Dysart’s Great Harbor Marina at 1:20pm.  This is a very nice marina with a very friendly staff.  Outbound and Esmeralda are docked near us and Gold Loopers Somewhere, Kiwi II, Miss Darlin are here as well.

We had called US Customs while we were underway to tell them of our pending arrival and gave them all the info by phone.  They came to our boat later in the afternoon to give us the final “check-in” and even stamped our log book.  One of the questions they asked was if we had brought more than $10,000 worth of merchandise back with us and we (somewhat jokingly) said, we spent it all on fuel!

Bill called a local marine repair company to have someone come to look at our inverter. We are hoping we do not have to replace the whole unit and will find out early next the week.
Dinner at Fiddlers Green

We went to dinner at Fiddlers Green with Esmeralda, Outbound, and Ron and Lisa’s friends, Peter and Carol who arrived to visit them. The eight of us had a wonderful seafood dinner and enjoyed relaxing and celebrating our return to the US.

We will stay here over the weekend but are still working through ideas of additional ports to stop in Maine.