September 7, 2013

September 7, 2013 Day 108  Mt. Desert Island
Dysarts Great Harbor Marina
Southwest Harbor, Maine

We spent most of today in Bar Harbor (also on Mt. Desert Island) and had a very nice time. We took the free shuttle from Southwest Harbor (less than an hour ride) and walked around Bar Harbor with its many, many shops, restaurants, inns and B&B’s – and the pretty harbor.  It also has a relaxing Village Green.  (Many shops have cute signs and merchandise for sale that spell it "Baa-Haa-Baa"! )No "r's" up here!

Bar Harbor shops

Sailboats moored off of Bar Harbor
The Village Green
More shops

We checked out many restaurants and finally chose Testa’s, which has been there since 1934.  We looked at everything from small cafes, Irish Pubs, seafood places with indoor and outdoor seating and finally chose this one. We also decided it was time to have lobster – we are in Maine!  So we called this an early dinner instead of lunch and we enjoyed it very much.  We wondered which of the hundreds of lobster pots we maneuvered through had trapped these two lobsters!

We went through most of the small shops - many have local artists work.  We did go into a good bookstore and found the Maine Coast Cruising Guide we wanted.  We managed to pass by the myriad of ice cream shops since our lobster dinner also included clam chowder, vegetables, and blueberry pie!  We did buy bread from a bakery to bring back to the boat though. We had a good day – can’t beat a sunny day in low 70’s!

This is our marina looking down from the top of the hill
We had a light dinner on board and relaxed for the evening.  Tomorrow we hope to do more sightseeing and get a few boat chores done as well.  We just aren’t in a hurry right now!