September 8, 2013

September 8, 2013 Day 109  Mt. Desert Island
Dysarts Great Harbor Marina
Southwest Harbor, Maine

Just a short post this evening. We stayed in port again today. It rained all morning and part of the afternoon, so we had a fairly quiet day. Joyce tackled the laundry and cleaned the refrigerator.  Bill worked on planning our route. When the sun finally came out Joyce walked up to a small market and bought a few groceries.

This evening we had Shannon and Richard over for dinner and had a nice visit. They have cruised this area before and shared some of their favorite ports with us.

We will leave the marina in the morning and go to an anchorage in Somes Sound, about five miles from here – still on Mt. Desert Island.  We will come back to this marina in a few days when our inverter is repaired.  There are lots of anchorages here that we can check out!