October 10, 2013

October 10, 2013  Day 141   
Great Kills Yacht Club
Staten Island, New York

Just a very quick update on day five here on Staten Island.  This was another cloudy and windy day with some light showers.  Bill spent the afternoon installing a new motor on the electroscan, part of the waste treatment system.  Joyce did laundry and read. She also made reservations for a marina in Hilton Head where we will spend a week in early December.

The dockmaster stopped by and invited us to join the yacht club members on Saturday for their annual barbecue to “end the season”.  We will be happy to go since we will still be here.

We had docktails with Jerry and Wendy on their boat and then came back and had a quick dinner.

The wave forecast continues to be daunting and we will continue to wait.  We might be able to go into the city before we leave! We had not planned on having to do some of the repairs or the need to find a replacement microwave/convection oven!