October 9, 2013

October 9, 2013  Day 140   
Great Kills Yacht Club
Staten Island, New York

Just a very quick update on day four here on Staten Island.  Today was cloudy and windy and the seas were rough on the ocean.

We had an unusual request today – a 70 foot boat needed to dock briefly to drop off passengers and camera equipment (they had been doing a fashion photo shoot) – and we were asked to move for a short time.  So we anchored out in the harbor nearby until they were finished and then we returned to our dock.  They generously reimbursed us for accommodating their request!

We spent time researching microwave-convection ovens, since ours stopped working yesterday. We will have to replace it this week.  What else can break?? The joys of owning an older boat…

Weather reports are not favorable for Sunday and so we will wait for early next week, hopefully.