October 8, 2013

October 8, 2013  Day 139   
Great Kills Yacht Club
Staten Island, New York

Day three here on Staten Island.  We did some cleaning in the morning then walked to an Italian market which happened to be next door to an Italian bakery – wow – those were both worth the walk!  We came back with chicken parmesan, great Italian bread, cheesecake and cookies. 

We stopped inside the yacht club bar and looked at the framed photos of the damage done by Super Storm Sandy. The surge caused the floating docks, with boats tied to them, to lift off the pilings and end up on the ground.  The damage was extensive.

Jerry and Wendy came over for docktails and we had a good time recalling our journey together and catching on news since then. 

We continue to watch the wave report and with 6-10 footers through Saturday, it is a no brainer.  We will be able to see Sunday’s forecast tomorrow and can only hope thing will improve.