October 5, 2013

October 5, 2013  Day 136
At anchor Joshua Cove
Guilford, Connecticut

We had good intentions of leaving early today! Carried Away had other ideas.  We had pulled in the water hose, taken the ladder off, and were ready to remove the power cord, etc…  Bill wanted to start the engines to warm them up first, but the starboard engine would not think about starting.  He ran a diagnostic on the engine battery and it was totally dead.  Plan B.  He called NAPA to see: 1) if they had the one we needed; and 2) if they could deliver it; and 3) if the driver could help carry it onto our boat and into the engine room.  Yes to all three!  He arrived in less than 15 minutes!!  One of the dock assistants came over and helped him carry it (they also removed the old one for us).  We were so grateful this worked out so quickly and we could make the next bridge opening at 11:40.  We also made a stop for fuel at a marina on the Mystic River.  

We had to wait briefly on the railroad bridge
on the Mystic River
We had hoped to travel 50 miles today but could only make 38 miles which took us to an anchorage in Joshua Cove, near Guilford, CT just before sunset.  We enjoyed traveling on Long Island Sound today.  The sun came out after an initial overcast sky and other than having a current against us for a while, we had an easy ride.  Since the boating season is nearing an end, there were not too many boats out today.

We enjoyed London broil, mashed potatoes, and carrots for dinner which Joyce cooked while we were underway.
Sharing the anchorage with just one sailboat

The sun was dropping behind a cloud bank
just after we arrived
We have a very long day of 87 miles tomorrow to reach Great Kills Yacht Club on Staten Island. It is important we get there because weather is moving in the following day.  We will probably stay at Great Kills for 3 days.  It will also give us an opportunity to go into New York and do some sightseeing!

Tomorrow we will actually complete the Down East Loop when we pass the Statue of Liberty!  This has been an amazing adventure.

We will still continue to keep our blog current as we work our way back to Virginia.