November 26, 2013

November 26, 2013  Day 12 South for the Winter
At anchor Fishing Creek
Near Coosa, SC

What a day this has been. We were expecting rain that we knew was widespread in the southeast. It actually held off until 11:00 when we reached Charleston.  We had little boat traffic so that was a good thing in this weather.  We did not stop in Charleston but continued on to an anchorage.

We reached our (first) planned anchorage on Church Creek about 2:00, but decided it was too early to stop.  So we continued on and the rain and wind intensified. We dropped anchor (site #2) and then decided we did not like the location, so on we went to another anchorage, and the rain (now a storm with lightning) intensified.  By now it is 5:00!  Just as we pulled into Fishing Creek off the ICW, the wind and rain subsided so Joyce could set the anchor.

We had dinner and then relaxed, read, and watched television the rest of the evening.  Tomorrow we will travel 35 miles to a marina in Port Royal, SC where we will stay two or three days.

We did see two eagles today, four or five dolphins, and two deer!