June 29, 2014

June 29, 2014  Day 63  Chesapeake Bay!
Herrington Harbor North Marina
Tracey’s Landing, MD

On Thursday, we were ready to cast off our lines and leave Point Lookout Marina, only to discover that our port engine would not start. After several failed attempts, we got Jake, yesterday’s mechanic, to come back and diagnose the problem.  Fortunately it was a frayed wire that was sending a false signal to the engine that the gear was not in neutral. Wire fixed, and we were soon on our way across the creek to the Corinthian Yacht Club. He is our hero!

We spent the afternoon doing laundry and relaxing.  One of the local residents stopped by and took Joyce to a nearby store to do some provisioning.  That was very nice of her to offer!

On Friday morning we left and headed north and then east across the bay to enter the Little Choptank River.  We joined at least 12 other boats who were anchored in Hudson Creek.  It is a beautiful anchorage.  We were intrigued by the number of watermen in their deadrises and other work boats who were crabbing. They were not pulling up crab pots, but had weighted lines with bait and they were using a net to get the crabs off of the lines.  We like this spot so much that we decided to spend two nights here.  Joyce cleaned and polished the stainless railing on the starboard side of the boat during the morning before it got too hot.

We left the anchorage this morning (Sunday) and traveled to the west shore of the bay again and docked at Herrington Harbor North Marina, in Tracey’s Landing, MD. It is by far one of the nicest marinas we have stayed at in our two years of boating.  It is a large marina with pool, clubhouse, fitness center, playground, park/garden like settings, a West Marine on site, etc.  We got some chores done and had pizza for dinner.  We will head to Annapolis in the morning!