July 8, 2014

June 30 - July 6, 2014  Days 64-70  Chesapeake Bay!
Annapolis Harbor on Mooring Ball
Annapolis, MD

A view of  the docks from our mooring
We spent seven days in Annapolis on a mooring ball in the middle of a busy harbor during the Fourth of July.  The mooring balls were full with occupants going to shore by either water taxi or by their dinghy. Tour boats of many types and sizes passed us frequently, and many boaters were just cruising around, some coming into dock in Ego Alley. It was a “happening place” and we enjoyed being there in the midst of all the excitement.  We were glad we arrived on Monday because the mooring balls cannot be reserved in advance and there are only 12 of the size that our boat requires.

There were two Looper boats there also – Why Knot (Darrell and Lisa) and Sunny Days (Terry and Lola).  We got together for lunch with Darrell and Lisa on Wednesday and also did some provisioning. They had moved to a marina by then and had a courtesy car.

On Wednesday afternoon we finally decided that the eight house batteries had outlived their usefulness.  Bill found a local company who would deliver them to the dinghy dock after the store closed at 7:30. He laboriously disconnected the old ones and carried them out of the engine room and got them loaded in the dinghy.  When he returned, he brought the sales person with him, who offered to load them onto the boat and install them for an extra fee.  Sold! It was after 10 pm when they were finished but it was an important decision to make.

Darrell and Lisa
Spectacular view of the fireworks
We had both Looper couples over on the Fourth of July for dinner and fireworks. We had a fun evening and a perfect view of the fireworks launched from a barge on the river.

The new Plebes at the Naval Academy

On Saturday we took a guided tour of the Naval Academy.  The tour was fascinating and we were in awe of the architecture and the history. The plebes had just begun earlier in the week and we could hear them each morning as they were put through morning drills.

We took a dinghy ride on Thursday up the beautiful Spa Creek and on Sunday we took a longer ride up the scenic Severn River. We took the dinghy to the dinghy dock on most days to walk around the historic area which is full of shops and restaurants. 

Spa Creek
We finally said goodbye to Annapolis, leaving early Monday morning for a 55 mile trip to the North East River Yacht Club in North East, MD.  After seven days we needed water and were ready to be hooked up to power. But, we know we will go back some day!
One of the many yard patrol boats at the Naval Academy