July 12, 2014

July 10-11, 2014  Days 74-75  North End of the Chesapeake Bay!
North East River Yacht Club
North East River, MD

Thursday was a mixed day for us.  Joyce took the rental car into the town of North East and got an overdue hair cut!  Then she wandered through many of the small shops.  Bill cleaned the exterior of the boat while she was gone so that seemed to work out!

By mid-evening we realized one of the air conditioners was struggling.  After checking several possibilities, Bill thinks the through hull is clogged. That means getting a diver here as soon as possible!  So for now we have turned off all air-conditioners.  That makes for an uncomfortable situation in this heat and humidity. 

At 11:00 pm we had another wind and rain storm come through!  This is the third one this week!
Dinner at the club

On Friday, Bill attended a bird carving class in Elkton, MD. This is a three day class taught by a well known carver, and Bill has looked forward to this for several months.  When he returned we went to the clubhouse for dinner and enjoyed the music and meeting some of the members. One couple, John and Lynn stopped by our boat afterwards and joined us on our sundeck for a couple of hours. We enjoyed sharing stories with them!

We are still working on getting a diver.  David, the dock master has been helpful in getting us in touch with local contacts, so hopefully we can do this Saturday.