August 12, 2014

August 11-12, 2014  Days 106-107  Chesapeake Bay
Solomons Yachting Center
Solomons, MD

We left our anchorage at 0830 Monday and arrived at Solomons Yachting Center shortly afterwards.  First stop was the fuel dock.  After that task was competed, we moved over to a T head on their B Dock. Friends, Jerry & Wendy Taylor were there with the dock hand to help catch our lines.  (Jerry & Wendy were our delivery captains/instructors that helped us bring our boat home when we first purchased her in December 2011.) It has been good to stay in touch with them!

After we got secured and checked in, Joyce went to Walmart with the Taylors to do provisioning. That was a major stop!  We spent the afternoon doing a few chores – and relaxing!  We met the Taylors and another couple from SC for drinks at the poolside pub here at the marina.

Dinner was pizza on the boat, followed by another evening of reading and relaxing.  We did spend an hour or two watching coverage of the news of the death of Robin Williams.  So very sad to lose such a legend.

On Tuesday, we got more chores done, including laundry and chart plotting.  Joyce even baked a pumpkin pie – not the season for it, but after two days of thinking about it, she had to have it!  We had storms all afternoon.

Our friends, Jeff and Gail, on YOLO, (also a 45 Californian) drove their car from their marina at Point Lookout and joined us for appetizers. We went to dinner at Stoney’s, a popular restaurant here in Solomons.  Then we came back to Carried Away for… yes, pumpkin pie and coffee.  We looked at the pictures showing the removal and reinstallation of their recently rebuilt port engine. They started the Loop in June and were stranded three days later. We hope they can resume travel by the end of the week following sea trials.  The have been beyond patient during this process!

We will depart Solomons tomorrow and go about ten miles to an anchorage on the nearby Patuxent River.