August 15, 2014

August 13-15, 2014  Days 108-110  Chesapeake Bay
Zahnisers Yachting Center
Solomons, MD

We left Solomons on Wednesday and went to a wonderful anchorage on St. Leonard Creek off the Patuxent River.  We were treated to “fly bys” of several eagles on both days we were there.  It was a very peaceful and calm anchorage and we enjoyed being there.  We also saw a few herons.  They are so content to stay in one spot along the water’s edge.
Approaching our anchorage
on St. Leonard Creek
One of many eagles

We planned to stay three nights but had some generator issues on Friday morning.  We went back to Solomons and picked up a new impeller that Zahnisers had ready for us.  We took advantage of being there and got some other chores done as well – laundry, cleaning windows, etc.

We went for a nice walk after dinner. We do need to get off the boat at times!

We will leave the marina in the morning (Saturday) and return to our anchorage on St. Leonard Creek and look for more eagles!
Masts at Zahniser's Yachting Center