August 16, 2014

August 16, 2014  Day 111  Chesapeake Bay
At anchor
St. Leonard Creek, MD

We left Zahnisers Yachting Center this morning and headed back out to our anchorage nine miles away on St. Leonard Creek.  There were many boats out today taking advantage of a Saturday and nice weather.  As soon as we anchored, Bill had his camera out and took over 200 pictures of eagles, osprey and herons, in flight and perched in trees.  We had quite a day observing them!
There are two eagles in this tree!
An osprey landing on the creek behind our boat
This blue heron stayed here for hours!

We turned the generator on to start cooking dinner and once again it was not putting water out of the starboard side of the boat. This time we figured out the problem (and we are sure it was the problem yesterday as well, and not an impeller)…jellyfish were blocking the through hull!  The strainers were clean so we did not suspect that at first.  We decided to take a boat ride and knock them loose and that worked!  We only went across the creek and since the sun was setting we decided to stay there and anchor for the night.  There are of course jelly fish here as well, so we can only hope they stay off the boat!

We will stay in this area again tomorrow and perhaps observe more wildlife!