August 18, 2014

August 17-18, 2014  Days 112-113  Chesapeake Bay
Somers Cove Marina
Crisfield, MD

Hooper Island Light
We decided to move again Sunday morning and departed our anchorage just after 8:00 and headed back out of the Patuxent River and into the bay for a 32 mile cruise. We crossed the bay and passed the Hooper Island Light House and went past the Hooper Islands. We entered the Honga River and eventually chose an anchorage near Crab Point Cove.  This is a very exposed area and we did have some waves that were about 1 ½ feet that rocked us.  They finally died down and we had a fairly calm evening.

Another beautiful sunset
We left this anchorage at 8:15 Monday and cruised 35 miles to Crisfield, MD going through Sharkfin Cut and into Tangier Sound.  We could see Smith Island in the distance on our starboard side.

We docked at Somers Cove Marina at 12:45 and will stay here three nights. We decided to take the day off and did some sightseeing, and browsed through some local gift shops. We also toured the Tawes Historical Museum which has displays of the history of Crisfield, Ward Decoys, oystering, skipjacks, and more.  Oh yes, we managed to have time for an ice cream cone!  We came back to the boat for a while and then walked back down for a crab cake dinner at the Chesapeake Crab House. We were not disappointed!

We will watch the weather which will determine our activities the next two days.  We do have some rain in the forecast!