September 3, 2014

September 3, 2014  Day 129  Chesapeake Bay
Port of Salisbury Marina
Salisbury, MD
Just a short posting tonight. Today was a work day- cleaning all the isinglass, doing laundry, changing sheets, filling water tanks, and charting the course for the next two days.

We did have an interesting thing happen today. We were on the fly bridge cleaning windows and noticed a marine police boat pulling out of its slip. The policeman was alone on the boat, backing up while talking on the radio.  Instead of turning around, he continued to back up and came very near to hitting us so Joyce yelled at him to get his attention. We decided he appreciated that since he smiled and nodded to us!  Well, it was a very close call that we are happy to have missed.

We will depart early tomorrow and cruise back down the Wicomico River and cross the Bay to an anchorage.