October 7, 2014

October 4-7, 2014  Days 160-163  Chesapeake Bay
At anchor, Mill Creek
Solomons, MD

We departed the Maryland Yacht Club early Sunday morning and had a good cruise to Herring Bay when we anchored.  We enjoyed watching a myriad of sailboats enjoying a decent breeze on this fall Sunday afternoon. 

By the end of the day we were alone in our anchorage and spent a peaceful evening.  We were watching the wind and waves forecast on the bay and decided to spend an additional day at anchor. The winds were from the south and we had good protection.  By early afternoon on Monday, the wind changed and came from the east.  This was a problem.  We had waves on our beam all afternoon and well into the evening – strong enough to knock two lamps over and to make us feel ill.

We left this spot early Tuesday morning and cruised five hours to Mill Creek in Solomons, an anchorage we have visited three times this summer.  We had three foot waves on the bow the first two hours, then two footers for the remainder of the cruise.  However, we were rewarded with a perfectly calm anchorage with protection on all sides.  What a pleasant contrast to last night!

We spent a relaxing afternoon and cooked dinner on the grill.

We will travel to another anchorage further south tomorrow.