June 27, 2015

June 26-27, 2015  Days 6-7  New York Summer 2015
Delaware City Marina
Delaware City, DE

We left our anchorage on the Bohemia River Friday morning and cruised up the Elk River and passed Hollywood Beach, Bill’s summer home as a child and teenager.  We eventually reached the C & D Canal at Chesapeake City, MD.  We did not have much boat traffic on the canal, and had the current with us.

We entered the Delaware River and shortly found ourselves at the Delaware City Marina which is located on the old narrow canal. We stopped for fuel first and then went to our “spot” on the long wall, which is a long floating dock.  This is our third trip here!

After we got settled in, we walked downtown to a small market.  It was good to get off the boat and get some exercise after being at anchor for five nights.

Today, Saturday is a bad weather day with rain and wind and we are forced to stay onboard. We are getting some things done including laundry, chart plotting, and making reservations for next week. 

We will stay here on Sunday as well and hope to get off the boat and walk into the town again.