June 28, 2015

June 28, 2015  Day 8  New York Summer 2015
Delaware City Marina
Delaware City, DE

We were happy to have a sunny day after having a great deal of rain and wind yesterday and during the night.  We got more work done – dusting, vacuuming, filling the water tank, laundry (there is always laundry), etc.  Bill also had time to practice his fiddle.

Carried Away on the dock in Delaware City
We talked to the dockmaster and then took a short walk.  Many of the boats left today but Bill did talk to the people on the large yacht behind us. They bought their boat in Alaska 1½ years ago, brought it through the Panama Canal, and are heading to their home port in Rhode Island! That is a long trip!!

We will leave in the morning and cruise 40 miles to Philadelphia and dock at Penn’s Landing for two days.