July 12, 2015

July 12, 2015  Day 22  New York Summer 2015
Waterford Visitor Center
Waterford, NY

We made another early departure with Movin’ On, leaving Kingston at 0625. Again, we wanted to run with the current.  We came out of Rondout Creek and passed the lighthouse and entered the Hudson River.  We passed the Saugerties Lighthouse at 0800 and the Hudson Athens Lighthouse at 0940.  

Rondout Lighthouse

Saugerties Lighthouse

Hudson-Athens Lighthouse

Inside the Troy Federal Lock

Pirate ship off our stern!

The river is scenic much of the way with the Catskill Mountains framing the hillside homes along the way.  Even though this is Sunday we did not have too much boat traffic. We did pass some large commercial ships though!  The northbound ships were heading to the Port of Albany.

Shortly after we passed Albany we arrived in Troy, NY and the Troy Federal Lock.  We were fortunate that the Lock was not occupied and the lockmaster lowered the water right away so we could enter.  We spent about 20 minutes in the lock which raised us 15 feet.

After we exited the lock we went a short distance to the junction where boaters have to decide to turn west at Waterford, the entrance to the Erie Canal, or to continue north and enter the Champlain Canal.  We have taken the Champlain Canal twice and the point of this whole summer trip is to take the Erie Canal, so we turned west into Waterford.  Waterford has a modern Visitor’s Center with 1000 feet of floating dock, complete with power and water.  It is first come first serve, and we had to dock our boat on their concrete wall for about 30 minutes until a space became available.  We were able to squeeze in between Movin' On and a Pirate ship!

After we got settled in, we went to dinner with Dawn and Colin.  We walked the few blocks into town and ate at McGreivey’s, a popular local spot.

We will spend two or three days here to get some rest and get some projects done!