July 11, 2015

July 11, 2015  Day 21  New York Summer 2015
Hudson River Maritime Museum Dock
Kingston, NY

The sun rose at 0532 and by 0536 we had pulled our anchor up and were on our way with Movin’ On.  By leaving this early we had the current with us on the Hudson. 

This part of the Hudson is one of the most scenic. The river curves around and is lined by the Appalachian Highlands, with homes nestled in the hillside.  The trip took us past The United States Military Academy at West Point, the Culinary Arts Institute, the Vanderbilt and Roosevelt homes in Hyde Park, and the Esopus and Rondout Lighthouses. Freight trains dart along the western banks while commuter trains rush by on the eastern shore.  There was always something to see!

We arrived in Kingston at 11:15 and, along with Movin’ On, tied up to the face dock at the museum.  By 3:15, Loopers on EdEJ had arrived and we helped them with their lines.

Since we were tired from our early day, we had dinner on board our own boats.  Tomorrow we will go to Waterford for two nights before starting our journey on the Erie Canal