July 11, 2015

July 10, 2015  Day 20  New York Summer 2015
At anchor
Haverstraw Bay, NY

The Verrazano Bridge
pathway from the Lower Bay to the Hudson
Going through the New Harbor is always fascinating, and our trip through it this morning was no exception.  The harbor was full of commercial boat traffic, including several tugs with their barges, the Staten Island Ferries, other high speed ferries, tour excursion boats, and pleasure boats.   We had to stay alert and change direction constantly.

We were traveling with our buddy boat, Movin’ On, and took their picture as they passed the Statue of Liberty. It is always a thrill to see The Lady. Just past her is Ellis Island, and we can only imagine how immigrants felt when they alighted here.
Traffic ahead!
The sky over Manhattan was filled with helicopters and blimps today, all timed with the ticker tape parade to honor the US Women’s World Cup Win!  That added to the excitement on the water!

We eventually cruised past the City up the Hudson, although slowly since the current was against us most of the way.  The scenery changes quickly with the Palisades on the west side of the river replacing skyscrapers.  We also started seeing commuter trains on the east side that transit people who work in the city.
Movin' On and The Lady

Ellis Island
By 4:30, we arrived in the beautiful Haverstraw Bay and found a scenic and well protected anchorage.  We invited Colin and Dawn over for dinner, so Bill picked them up by dinghy.

Lower Manhattan and the WTC
We spent a fun evening and played one of our favorite board games, “Ticket to Ride” with them after dinner.

We set an early departure time of 0530 to head to Kingston,NY on Saturday.

Movin' On at our anchorage
in Haverstraw Bay