July 14, 2015

July 14, 2015  Day 24  New York Summer 2015
Lock 10 Free Wall
Cranesville, NY

We are finally on the Erie Canal!  The westbound locks actually start at Lock 2 at Waterford (Lock 1 is the Federal Lock in Troy and is not part of the Erie.) We went all the way to Lock 10 today, therefore transiting nine locks.

Movin' On in Lock 2

Low bridge - everybody down!

Amtrak shares the track with many freight trains -
this is one view from our boat

The scenic Mohawk River
We had planned to catch the first lock opening at 0800, but when we approached, a fire boat was in front of the lock and warned us to stay back.  When we did enter the lock, we learned that a dead body was found floating in the lock chamber early this morning! They were just removing the body when we approached. Such a very strange beginning to our day!  Eerie on the Erie!

The first five locks are a flight of locks with each raising us up about 33 feet. After that the locks are spaced farther apart.  These lie on the Mohawk River which is scenic and winds around in some areas.  We passed under several low bridges, but with our radar down we can get under with no problem.

The original canal was completed in 1825, and we will be able to see parts of the old canal in certain areas.  We can almost picture the mules towing the barges along the towpaths. And of course who doesn’t remember “Sixteen Miles on the ‘Erie Canal”!
Docked on the free wall just past Lock 10

We are still traveling with Colin and Dawn on Movin’ On and enjoy being with them. We are docked with them on a free lock wall just past Lock 10, in Cranesville, NY, after traveling about 35 miles today.  It seemed appropriate to be here on a lock wall instead of going to a marina.  It is part of the experience.  We don’t even mind the trains that go by!

We will leave in the morning with Canajoharie as our destination.