July 15, 2015

July 15, 2015  Day 25  New York Summer 2015
Free Town Dock, River Front Park
Canajoharie, NY

Today was a short day of travel of just 26 miles. This also included three locks, E-11, E-12, and E-13.  Lock E-11 in Amsterdam still has a great deal of work being done as a complete overhaul due to flood damage in 2013.  The damage was significant. 
Restoration to Lock E-11

The historic West Hill School built in 1891
in Canajorharie

Movin' On and Carried Away at the town dock

We ran into a very light rain for half of the trip, and unlike yesterday it was a cooler day!  We decided to stop for the night at Canajoharie and take advantage of the free town dock, which include a floating dock and 50 amp power.  We also had time to tour the downtown area with Colin and Dawn, and stopped in a nice café for coffee and sweets in mid-afternoon.  Dawn and Joyce also toured an art museum, while Colin and Bill went to Ace Hardware!

We had Colin and Dawn over for dinner this evening and then played another round of “Ticket to Ride” which made a fun evening.

We will continue going west on the canal tomorrow morning. Destination unknown!