July 17, 2015

July 17, 2015  Day 27  New York Summer 2015
City Docks
Rome, NY

Another scenic ride on the Mohawk River /Erie Canal
We have to share the waterways!

Movin' On in Lock 19
Ft. Stanwix

We had a good day on the Erie Canal. This is day 4. We left Little Falls at 0745 to time the opening of Lock #18, which we made in perfect time. This lock lifted us 20 feet. We had an hour and thirty minutes until we reached the next lock, so we enjoyed our cruise on the river.

Our biggest concern is the number of tree branches and logs in the river and we need to keep a sharp look out.  Lock #19 was another good lock that raised us 21 feet.  We reached our final lock (#20) of the day at noon. We were raised 16 feet in this one.  This is the last lock going west in which we will be raised. Tomorrow we start going down!

We arrived at our planned destination of Rome, NY at 1:30. This is a free city dock with floating docks but no water or electricity.  That is why we have a generator!  In mid afternoon, Joyce, Colin, and Dawn walked down to tour Fort Stanwix while Bill stayed on board and did some maintenance.  Fort Stanwix was built in 1758 but burned in 1781 and was carefully reconstructed with original plans to replicate the original fort as it appeared in the Revolutionary War.  We were in time for a musket demonstration, and we also toured the buildings, and the museum.  We were happy we took time to tour this fort, and learn more about the significant role it played in the French and Indian and Revolutionary Wars.

We walked back just a light rain began to fall. We each had dinner on our own boats tonight.  Tomorrow we will go to Sylvan Beach!

Our musket demonstration