July 19, 2015

July 18, 2015  Day 28  New York Summer 2015
Winter Harbor Marina
Brewerton, NY

Colin's beautiful photo of the Erie Canal
 as we left Rome, NY
Oops! We had so much fun last night that we (well, Joyce) forgot to write the blog!

We left Rome, NY at 0800 as planned. It had rained earlier in the morning but stopped before we departed.  We only had two locks to transit. Both locks E-21 and E-22 were a 25’ drop and were fast!

We received a phone call from Peg, a fellow Looper who was a day ahead of us warning us that we probably would not find a space on the free walls in Sylvan Beach. She was right! Sylvan Beach was holding some kind of pirate event and it was packed. We even saw some boats rafted three deep. So, we continued on, and immediately called Winter Harbor Marina in Brewerton to make a reservation. 

No room at Sylvan Beach
Following Movin' On into Oneida Lake
This added another 23 miles to our day, which took us across the large Oneida Lake. We were very fortunate that the wind was calm as we crossed. There were several recreational boaters out on this Saturday!

When we crossed the lake we entered the narrow Oneida River at Brewerton.  (As a point of reference, Brewerton is just north of Syracuse.)

We arrived at Winter Harbor at 1:25 along with Movin’ On and tied up behind Gold Loopers, Jim and Peg on Sanctuary.  We quickly decided to spend two days here. We were tired, we needed to get chores done, we needed to provision, there is more rain in the forecast for Sunday, and the marina has two courtesy cars!

We borrowed a courtesy car at 5:00 and went to dinner with Colin and Dawn at the Coppertop Tavern, about an eight mile drive to North Syracuse.  The food was very food and we were happy our harbormaster recommended this restaurant!!

Thanks to Colin for taking this photo of
Carried Away on Oneida Lake
We all came back to our boat and yes, played “Ticket to Ride”. Dawn almost won but Bill persevered once again. We finished the evening with ice cream.
Tomorrow’s plans are to get chores done and to borrow the car again to do provisioning.